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Dr. Stephanie’s practice is located at:

MOSS Postpartum House

1614 8th Ave NW, Calgary, AB

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Upcoming Workshops 

Movement & Motherhood Full Day Retreat $147

Take a day just for you and join us for a restorative  day retreat at the beautiful Heart of Bragg Creek.  Learn how to connect to your breath, your body and yourself through safe movement, alignment and breath.  The day will be filled  with essential information for mamas postpartum,  nourshing food and connecting with a supportive group of mamas. You will learn about healing foods postpartum, the impact of whole foods on healing the pelvic floor, balancing hormones, replenishing your body, and avoiding postpartum depletion. We will end the day with postnatal yoga to further connect you to yourself. Join us May 5th 2019 for our next retreatLocated just 30 minutes outside of Calgary at  The Heart of Bragg Creek . 

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Upcoming Workshops: Movement & Motherhood 2 Hour Workshop $45

Join myself, and Dr. Gillian for our 2 hour Movement & Motherhood Workshop this Friday April 5th, 2019 from 7-9pm at MOSS Postpartum House. This will be an evening of connection - with your body, yourself and a community of support. You will learn about healing the core and pelvic floor postpartum (any stage - postpartum is forever) while improving strength and function of your core. We will address common symptoms postpartum, how to navigate them and safe return to exercise. During this hands on workshop you will tune in and really connect to your body and yourself!

We are excited to offer this on a Friday evening for the first time, in hopes of making some more time to share and connect with each other.

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