Hi. I’m Dr. Stephanie.

I’m a mother and a chiropractor with a focus in pre/postnatal and pediatric wellness.

I’m here to share simple, straight  forward and reliable health & wellness information for you and your family.

This site was created as a resource and a community for families because as a mother myself, even as a health care practitioner, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting health information out there about pregnancy, postpartum and babies. I felt lost in it all and from myself. But I believe that mothers need to be mothered and that this beautiful transition needs to be honoured and supported. That the transition of motherhood can open us up to our intuition.

And finding information to help you and your family feel good and healthy should not be complicated. This is a place where you can come for simple, reliable health resources and to feel supported and empowered. Here you will find simple, easy to implement information on, motherhood, movement, health, and nutrition (with a lot of recipes)!

Thank you so much for being here. I’d love to connect and hear from you, so send me an email let me know how I can help you!

a Little more about stephanie

Pre/Postnatal Chiropractor

Dr. Stephanie is a Chiropractor with a focus in pre/postnatal, women's health and pediatric wellness. She has dedicated her career to supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, postpartum and all stages of motherhood.

Other fun stuff

In her spare time you can find Dr. Stephanie spending time outside with her kids, hanging out at the lake, hiking in the mountains and always trying out new recipes in the kitchen!



Dr. Stephanie received her Bachelor of Kinesiology in Southern Ontario prior to completing her Doctor of Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College.

She then went on to become a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) with training and certification in the Webster Technique, which allows her to effectively treat and meet the specific needs of pregnant women and children.

She has received additional training in Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, Kinesiotape, functional movement and the Hypopressives Technique and is a certified Birth Fit Professional which she uses to help promote pelvic floor and core restoration in her pregnant & postpartum mothers.

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