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In order to raise tiny humans we must first tend to ourselves. Motherhood is intense, messy, beautiful and can lead you back to yourself, to your innate wisdom. But in our modern society so many parents feel disconnected from themselves after having children, which we certainly did! We believe that mothers need to be nurtured to maintain this connection.

Movement & Motherhood was created as a space to support, nourish and reconnect mothers to themselves and a community of support. Join Dr. Gillian Sawyer and Dr. Stephanie Moody for a full day retreat designed to help you connect to your body and your self, to leave the day feeling restored. We believe that connecting to the deeper self starts with breath and movement. We start the day teaching you to connect to your breath, your body, your core and your pelvic floor. During this time we help you get back into your body, to tune in and trust your body. You will learn about common symptoms postpartum, how to navigate them for optimal healing as well as returning to exercise. This hands on workshop will also guide you through restorative movements and empower you to start feeling like yourself again.

While enjoying a wholesome, vegan lunch we will chat about nourishing yourself postpartum with healing foods and practical restorative daily practices. The day ends with postnatal yoga with Sara Villamil to further connect you to your breath, body and self through movement and ending with a meditation.

“The well being of mothers is the fabric from which the cloth of the future of our society is made.”

-Dr. Oscar Serrallach from The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Movement & MOtherhood Day Retreat

Sunday November 3rd, 2019

Located at The Heart of Bragg Creek




  • 9:00am Start

  • Warming elixirs will be served upon arrival.

  • Mindful meditation for mothers.

  • What is your core & pelvic floor & how to restore function .

  • Learn about common postpartum symptoms (Diastasis Recti / pelvic organ prolapse / incontinence / pelvic pain ) and how to manage them.

  • Discuss what impacts pelvic floor and core muscle function and safe return to exercise considerations.

  • Workshop session where you'll learn how to reconnect to your body, your core and your pelvic floor through movement, alignment and breath. You will learn how to tune in and get back into your body.

  • Restorative movement session filled with functional exercises.



  • Enjoy a nourishing vegan & gluten free plant based lunch (that you don't have to prepare!) with the most amazing chocolate from The Heart of Bragg Creek.

  • Learn about nourishing yourself postpartum with healing foods & restorative daily practices to allow for healing, balancing hormones, and avoid symptoms of exhaustion & depletion.

  • Optional walking mediation by the river and discover easy to implement tools to help ground yourself. Also a great chance to further connect and share with like minded mamas (weather depending). 



  • We will spend the afternoon with postnatal yoga with Sara Villamil to further connect to your body and your self through breath and movement.

  • We will end the day with a reflective and grounding meditation.

  • The day ends at 2:30pm ...get ready to feel restored and connected

Truly educational. I feel like every mom needs to know everything you’ve covered today after having a baby. Maybe even before so they can be aware of how their bodies change and what they can do about it. I loved it so much and would recommend to my mom friends for sure!!
— Priya - Mama of 1

Reconnect to yourself

2 hour MOvement & Motherhood Workshops

Can’t make the full day just yet? We designed these workshops to make this information more accessible.

2 Hour Movement & Motherhood Workshop - Next Date to be determined!