Babies & Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can be incredibly beneficial for your little one. We often see newborns in the office who range from a few days old to the first month or two after they are born. We check for alignment, position and tension patterns in their neck and spine to ensure your little one’s spine is moving properly. This allows for optimal nervous system function as they grow and develop.

The nervous system is the main regulator of how our body functions and communicates with itself. If the spine is not moving properly then the nervous system may not communicate as effectively with the rest of the body.

Difficulty Breastfeeding or tilting of the head to one side (Torticollis)

Often babies will have difficulty feeding or a preference for one side. This can commonly be caused by tight muscles which make feeding on one side uncomfortable for baby. By adjusting the spine muscle tension is decreased and normal motion is restored allowing for baby to feed comfortably on both sides.  Restrictions or parts of the upper neck that are moving symmetrically can also have an impact of the rooting/sucking reflex as well as jaw function, both of which can impact breastfeeding.  

They seem uncomfortable in certain positions

Often certain positions are just not comfortable for babies. This can happen if their spine is out of balance. For example, lying on their back may cause discomfort if the lower back or sacrum is not moving optimally. Or they may not be able to turn their head from side to side with ease if their neck has a restriction.

Overall health and wellness