Favourite Breastfeeding Position

Favourite Breastfeeding POsition

This was my favourite position for breastfeeding  both my kiddos once we had the hang of breastfeeding. So please note that I did not start this until my babes were a couple months old. Breastfeeding took a bit of effort and sometimes to get a proper latch I just had to be in positions that weren't optimal. 

I love bolsters for so many reasons but it really became my favourite place to sit during breastfeeding. This position can help place your spine in a nice neutral position while decreasing tension in the shoulders, low back as well as decreasing pressure on the pelvic floor. 


  • Sit on the bolster with the pressure on your sit bones
  • This will place your knees higher than your hips and create a shelf to help support baby
  • Position your ribs over your pelvis 
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed